For the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst presented a collaborative project, Relationship, an intimate and diaristic record of their relationship as a transgender couple whose bodies were transitioning in opposite directions (for Drucker from male to female, and for Ernst from female to male). Says Drucker, “We are all collectively morphing and transforming together, and this is just one story of an opposite-oriented transgender couple living in Los Angeles.”




In July 2016, the series was released as a book through Prestel Publishing, and features essays by Kate Bornstein and Maggie Nelson. It can be purchased on


“In the foreword to Relationship, [Stuart] Comer writes, ‘The photographs are exquisite, surprising, and efficient in dissolving so many of the structures of fear that still allow gender to be policed so stringently.’ The images are printed alongside the ephemera of their relationship: ticket stubs to a Le Tigre concert they both attended before they met, notes that read, ‘Welcome home’ and, ‘I love you soooo much.’ In this context, the pictures break down those barriers, but they also insert an uncommon gender experience into the most personal of human interactions―making Relationship a startlingly intimate and important document.”

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